Dylan Warren

Rider Bio:

Name: Dylan Warren

Nickname: Radface

Age: 23

Location: Beaconsfield, Australia

Favourite place to ride: Wanyi, Belgium

Favourite riding experience: Riding in Moab with the boys.

Food: Italian

Music: Rock n Roll and hip hop

Shout out: To the Lee’s!

Other Sponsors: Rubmles Paleo, MBS-AUS, BGC

Interesting Side Note: Why is Dylan nicknamed “The Claw”? Is it because he loves crabs? Is it because he got scratched by a tiger at the zoo as a child and has a scar on his right ear to prove it? Or is it because on 90% of the photos one hand is reaching out and thrust into the air like a claw screaming for vengeance against the ground he is about to land back on? You decide.

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