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Greetings Riders!!!  After endless hours, a lot of sweat, very little sleep, quite a few scrapes, bumps, and bruises (maybe a few drops of blood) and much anticipation, we’re ready to share our latest line of mountainboards and mountainboard accessories with you, the riding community…and the entire world.

NEW BOARDS! We’ve taken the best of our old line, combined it with exciting new developments in component technology, made part compatibility across boards a priority, and  focused on bringing you even more affordability without sacrificing quality. In fact we’ve boosted both durability and quality. Those of you that have ridden mountainboards for any length of time will realize right away the huge leap we’ve made. Bottom line…..we’re stoked!

NEW COMPONENTS! With all new Boards come all new Components. We’ve re-designed almost every component in our new line, featuring the incredibly versatile and strong Matrix Pro II Trucks, the super comfortable and stylish F5 Binding, and our advanced and ergonomic Asymmetric decks. But that’s not all, we’ve also upgraded the ATS truck with 12mm axles, designed a new 5 Star hub for increased tire compatibility, and upgraded our truck bolt size for increased strength and durability in the field.

Check out the entire NEW PRODUCT LINE now!