And finally…..The winner of the Pro 97 Video Contest is………Lucas Melo!!!!!  from Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check out his video HERE or below.

“Wow Lucas Melo killed it in this entry! Not only was the edit super sick; cut fast, all hammers no fillers, solid riding and my favourite Sabbath song! His riding is super fast and gnarly. Yet he continues to have a super smooth style and a legit trick selection. This is what Mountainboarding is to me; fun, fast and style… and dam how sick was that line under the freeway bridge! Mad props mate, you defiantly killed your old board in this edit and are worthy of a new one. The new MBS Pro 97 is on the way to your door! Brazil is blowing up!”  Dylan

There were a lot of great videos shot this year, see below for some of the other ones submitted.






MBS – Always Riding!