As soon as we received our first board  prototypes we immediately got them into the hands, or should I say “feets”, of our team riders to give them the real test. And here is what we heard back.

New Line Rider Reviews Graphic - Web Post


Devin Garland on the New Pro 97

Devin Photo - Board Review

“J. It’s off the chain, such a good skatepark board. I feel like it’s my old board on steroids. Everything is just amped up and tweaked a notch. The weight and trucks are perfectly balanced. Easy to maneuver in the park and pump speed. Busted a nollie over crook on a 5 set rail like nothing. I’m having a lot of fun! Can’t wait to take it for some serious off road soon.”



Dylan Warren on the New pro 97

Dylan Photo - Board Review

“Hey guys….what can I say? The board is everything I dreamed of. Strong, light, responsive and easy to maintain. You guys really outdid yourself. Thanks MBS!”

Click HERE for Dylan’s Pro 97 Hype Video.



Mason Moore on the New Comp 95

Mason Photo - Board Review

“My first impression of the Comp 95…Visually, it’s a totally different graphic than what I’ve seen on a mountainboard before. I love the earthy look it carries with the naked wood grain.

When I first stepped on the board I was a little weary of the asymmetrical concave, but found quickly that when on the right part of the foot, it feels really good and offers more response to the toe side because of the added leverage.

The deck itself seems stiffer than previous boards of the same series, making it more responsive; again, the concave foot pads seemed to help with that as well.

It’s exciting to see new things come from you guys! With the first generation of new features, graphics, and technologies, I am eager to see where the lines go.”



Jason Lee on the New Comp 95

Jason Photo - Board Review

“Taking it out of my car the first thing I noticed was how light it was. It just seems pounds lighter. The second thing I noticed, when I dropped it onto the ground, was how solid it sounded. No clanking. Just solid.

Once I got ready to ride it I noticed how nice it was to have 2 adjustment points on the new F5 bindings. I could fine tune them better. The new buckle was way smoother to adjust. Seemed stronger. Basically the new binding seems to allow for a more dialed in fit to my shoe. Also I was stoked about the integrated binding straps. No more hardware in that area means no more loose or missing hardware that could prevent a ride from happening.

Once I started to ride it I wanted to see how well it carved with the new truck system. I knew the Matrix 2s and ShockBlock suspension was going to be different but I didn’t realize fully until riding it how smooth the turns felt. Toe side to heel side and back and it seemed like there was always consistent pressure in the trucks.

Next I wanted to go faster, straighter, and hit some jumps (of course). I was really stoked at how quick and easy it was to adjust the trucks and make them stiffer. Even with the yellow ShockBlocks I was able to crank them down enough to feel totally solid at higher speeds.

My first impression? Pretty darn stoked to say the least. I knew it was gonna be good but it has exceeded my expectations.”


Stay tuned for more reviews and feedback from our team of riders around the world. And let us know what you think too!